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When you think everything is lost…

By fernape

I have seen people many times doing something like this:

$cat binary_file

The problem with the above is that usually you end up with a prompt that looks like this:

�g`�g���i`�i��k`�kX@l`(l  �


Improve trading strategies through Walk Forward Analysis

por Fernando Monera
I+D OpenSistemas

Traditional optimization of trading strategies
Optimization is the process to adapt the parameters of a given strategy to a specific market. It is generally a good thing when done properly, but if not done correctly, there is a high risk to do it wrong and end up with a curve fitted system (I will go deeper on the traditional optimization of trading strategies on future posts).

Improve trading strategies through Walk Forward Analysis.

It is much easier to sell based on a nice equity curve than to sell based on the complex optimization process to increase robustness and reduce curve fitting.